'‘Annunciation Series’'

“The Annunciation” is a series of four paintings, in which the artist reinterprets the biblical story of Angel Gabriel announcing to Virgin Mary that she is carrying the child of God. Through modern imagery, the artist explores the notion of sexual purity and raises the questions: “Who defines sexual purity”, and “Who is worthy enough to give birth to the sacred.” In the first painting, the artist depicts a homeless Mary receiving shocking news from a plain-clothed angel. In the second painting, Mary is an average young woman in an typical college bedroom. In the third painting, Mary is depicted walking down a modern street, gazing expectantly at the viewer- and the viewer represents the angel. In the fourth painting, the angel is gesturing towards the viewer- and the viewer represents Mary. The modern everyday setting as well as the questions invoked by this series presents the idea that there is nothing absolute or empirically true about traditional concepts of purity and sexuality. Instead, purity is personally and socially defined, and everyone (including the viewer) has the potential to be and to birth divinity.